Audience Analysis - Ermintrude Engelbert

Ermintrude Engelbert is a single woman in her fifties who came to the UK with her parents from East Jamaica in the 1960s and now lives in Edinburgh. She divorced six years ago and a son and a daughter both of whom have left home. Her son, Edwin, has just begun work as an estate agent after graduating as a property surveyor, and her daughter, Euphemia, is presently completing a degree in English Literature, intending afterwards to work in the Excise service. Ermintrude herself is an elementary English teacher, working part time three days a week. Although this means she has limited financial means, her own earnings plus her divorce settlement are enough for her quiet life. Her particular, absorbing hobby is playing the euphonium in a brass ensemble. Rehearsals, plus private practice take up a lot of her spare time. She also attends church regularly, and spends many Saturday mornings on charity work. Access to the Internet at school is very tightly governed, and she has not yet got round to having broadband access at home, so she still uses a 56K modem.

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Dougal Dumptruck Ermintrude Engelbert Florence Finkelfinger Bernard Shakey