Audience Analysis - Bernard Shakey

Bernard Shakey is a single student from Glasgow, Scotland. He is 21 and is currently completing his third year at University of Paisley, studying Internet Technologies. As an enthusiastic music lover and firm proponent of mind-bending chemicals, he can normally be found shuffling his feet to the latest Soma release at one of Glasgow’s squeaky-clean establishments. Bernard also enjoys attending large-scale musical events and flies out to Ibiza each year to spend the summer working, dancing and soaking up the sun. Bernard works part-time five nights a week at a call centre in Glasgow. His earnings from this job plus his student loan mean he can go out and socialise two or three times a week and still have enough money to survive. The rest of Bernard’s time is spent studying for classes, either at home or on campus. Due to the nature of his university degree, Bernard must keep up to date with the latest technological advancements in both networking and the Internet.

Three Likely Visits

Example Audiences

Dougal Dumptruck Ermintrude Engelbert Florence Finkelfinger Bernard Shakey